Internet face of the Maletić Research, LLC. Work and personal research of Dušan Maletić, current state and progress. Educational material in Physics, Astrophysics,Data Science and related fields. The hub for Maletić Research, LLC related communications.

Maletić Research, LLC is a Scientific Research entity dedicated to cross-discipline data research and modelling, Bayesian Statistical Analysis, Pattern Theory, Low Signal to Noise data methods and applications.

Intent and Purpose of this site

Maletić Research site is an attempt at creating a novel scientific, engineering and research communication center for my ongoing work, research projects and education. Integrating communication over time scales and subjects. Work, Research and Education blogs should provide day to day progress, reference of things done and to be done as well as related materials. These are not intended to be one way communication points, though they are primarily sending information out. Through the comments I expect feedback of students, colleagues and mentors - comments impacting collaborative work. "Focus" research news Twitter feed is intended for few non-exclusive purposes: it should be a short, immediate term update on my progress and issues in my research with collaborative aspect of others being able to immediately message me through replies to the same Twitter feed; I will also use it as a rolling reference of scientific and research news, articles and events - an active bibliography not only serving me as a timeline-reference but providing people with whom I collaborate with a clear history of my research focus and interests; some of the content in this Twitter feed will come from people I follow - a link and feedback loop to/from the widerScientific community.

  Anything regarding my other interests in life than work and research - please consult my Maletic Gallery site.